Free Orientation Course for School Students, organized by Techno India Hooghly

Course will be available for 10+2 Apprentice of 2017
Registration Open for 2017 Class-XII Board Examination Apprentice
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Everywhere you go whether it is a mechanic's shop or a fast food restaurant, some form of technology and computers is being used. It may be a computerized cash register or the machine that cleans out your engine but it is a computer and everyone needs basic computer skills to function in today's job market.

The basic computer skills that every person regardless of age should know includes common application programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. They should know how to go online, check their email account, send mail with an attachment and how to use simple email features. The use of email and familiarity with the internet are becoming basic requirements for almost every job. Most jobs are posted online and how can a person respond to an online advertisement without knowing how an email works?

There are many different reasons why we need to study the computer, and the main and most important one is to ensure that we are going to be computer literate when we are applying for jobs. There are only a few jobs out there that don't require use to use a computer, however, if you want to have a good job and work within a top business, you are going to have to ensure that you have studied in computers and can work them wither on a basic standard or complex standard. It is something that looks good on your CV and is going to help you in your career.

For this reason Techno India Hooghly (TI-H) has taken an initiative to make school students computer literate. We are providing Free short term courses to students who are appearing Class XII Board Examination this year. If you are free to do some constructive this year after your XII examination then join this cource. This course is completely free for students who are appearing for class XII.

The Course is starting on April 2017. Dates will be informed soon. Get your students registered within due time.


1. Corporate Communication (For any Stream)
  2. Computer Based Accounting (For Commerce Students

Important Notes:

  1. One Student can appear for only one course
  3. Students can register themselves online.
  4. Minimum 10 registration per course is required to carry out the classes.

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